Volunteering For All

Recognising and affirming volunteerism amongst young people.

Honouring commitment to volunteering and the promotion of diversity.

The Volunteering For All award is a nationwide initiative that recognises and affirms volunteering and chartable work undertaken by young people from all backgrounds and circumstances. This initiative is supported by the Department of Justice and Equality through the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration.

Working Together in Partnership

The Volunteering For All programme can be undertaken in schools, it is intercurricular and can complement Student Council activities and other leadership programmes, the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement, Wellbeing, SPHE, CSPE, RE, Politics and Society, LCA, LCVP and TY.

The Volunteering For All award can be attained in youth clubs and other places where young people are engaged in volunteerism. It is complimentary to existing programmes, highlighting how young people make a positive contribution to their communities.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with The Localise Volunteering For All programme please register your interest today.

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It made me, as a citizen, just very happy that I managed to make a change in someone’s life
Jonathan Paynor - Student