Localise In Your School

Localise learning through volunteerism, connecting your classroom to your community.

Youth volunteerism, civic engagement, service skills for life.

Localise Schools Programmes enable young people aged 11 to 18 to carry out local grassroots volunteer projects in the service of others. By partnering with Secondary schools and Primary schools we combine, in a very structured way, education, youth volunteering and service to others, bringing what is learnt in the classroom out into the wider community. 

Young people in Primary School (6th class) in Secondary School (through Wellbeing, CSPE, Politics and Society, LCA, TY and Junior Cycle Short Courses) can get involved one of our programmes: The Spirit of Service, Volunteering for All, Service Skills For Life and Volunteering For All Workshops.  Although the Localise programme is complementary to the school curriculums outlined, it utilises volunteering, experiential and informal learning techniques and methodologies. 

Localise has been working in partnership with schools since 2007.

The Localise curriculum is expansive, experimental, democratic and integrative. Students break down barriers and build new friendships by relying on each other to deliver a service for others who need it. If I had my way I'd have Localise in the school all day every day, it enriches the lives of the students and it enriches my life, thank you so much.
Máire O'Higgins, Teacher

Benefits for Schools

No Cost
There is no fee for Localise services in your school. Depending on the nature of the project chosen by the students, some ancillary cost may occur (buses, photocopying etc.)
Existing Curriculum
Localise programmes can be incorporated with subjects at all levels, including CSPE, SPHE, RE, TY, LCA and Politics & Society amongst others.
Student Outcomes
Participating students have increased wellbeing, self esteem, confidence, academic achievement, less likely to drop out of school, more engaged and less likely to engage in anti social behaviour.
DES Key Skills
Localise is closely linked to the Department of Education and Skills - Key Skills and Statements of Learning
Ethos Building
Localise community action projects mirror the school ethos, allowing students from all faiths and none to demonstrate their ethos in a practical non-competitive environment
Localise Expertise
Teachers and students have the opportunity to work closely with industry leaders in youth volunteering.
Community Links & Positive Relationships
Localise programmes builds positive relationships with the local community. The school public image is enhanced by participating in Localise programmes.
Inter curricular
There are many opportunities for inter-curricular studies, linking subjects as diverse as Woodwork, Art, English and Science into Localise programmes.
Working together made it like you are all just one, you weren't a different colour, you weren't a different religion, you were all together. It didn't matter what you looked like or what you wore.
Najat Ahmet, Larkin Community College Student

Benefits For Students


Social interaction
Chance of employment
Life expectancy
Self esteem
Mental fortitude
Self image
Intercultural relations


Anti social behaviour
Self destructive behaviour
Rates of drug abuse
Rates of alcohol abuse
Early school leavers

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