Localise in Your Community

The Localise programme is in action in your community, with young people making a real difference to the lives of others.

Youth Volunteers, Giving Back To Their Community.

Through Localise voluntary service projects, young people all across the country are answering the call to care for others. Young people are coming together using their skills, talents, time, and energy to transform their neighbourhoods.

Working in partnership with local schools, parishes and community organisations, the Localise programmes bring together young people and adult volunteers, who directly deliver for those in need. A Localise group within a community has the ability to change the lives of young people, to improve the local community and to make giving back the way forward.

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Every Localise programme ends with a graduation, where they young people, their school, their families and the community come together to celebrate and recognise the great voluntary work they have done. A Localise graduation marks the personal and professional development of our youth in action.

Adult volunteers

Adult volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation.

All Localise community programmes are supported and facilitated by adult volunteers. People who freely give of their time, efforts and energy in the service of others. They are many ways that a person can have a positive, worthwhile experience volunteering with Localise. Adults can volunteer with Localise for a short, specific period of time, e.g. for one 10 week programme. Or can continue with Localise over a longer period of time.

Adults can also volunteer to connect with the Localise schools programmes as mentors. To ensure that all Localise adult volunteers have a safe, positive volunteering experience, Localise has developed an Adult Volunteer process in which all potential volunteers receive Child Protection training and Garda Vetting, local group facilitation training along with Volunteering charters and good volunteer practice guides.

As part of volunteering with Localise all adult volunteers receive certificates of participation and facilitation. Experience a wide variety of skills and techniques which has the ability to enhance them both personally and professionally.

Adult Volunteers Benefits:

Skills and techniques developed during Localise programmes while working directly with young people aged 11-18

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