The Localise Team

The Localise staff team are directly involved in all aspects of development and delivery within the organisation. The team are dedicated to the service and support of all Localise youth participants and adult volunteers.

The team is currently comprised of our Director, Educational Coordinator, Integration Officer and two Community Youth Officers and an Administrator.

The team are accountable to the Localise Board – a voluntary board of directors. The Localise team believe that caring in the community starts with caring for each other and we strive to always create a harmonious, positive atmosphere for all who participate in Localise.

Localise Governance

Localise is governed by a voluntary board of directors which is comprised of people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and expertise. The board operates in accordance with the Localise constitution and is compliant with all Charity regulator, Charitable status and not for profit company regulations and requirements. The Localise board like all Localise members and staff are there to serve the needs of others and work toward the mission and vision of the organisation. Localise is a member of the National Youth council of Ireland and the Wheel and is signed up to the Governance Code.

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