Busy year for the Volunteering For All Programme

As we come to a close on the academic year, we have had resounding success with our Volunteering For All programme. Since September we have facilitated 46 Workshops delivered nationwide in 39 Locations with 1,103 young people. 11,1674 young people were surveyed, and 27 VFA Awards were obtained. We also facilitated 23 extended programmes engaging 437 participants as they carried out local volunteering projects. We found out that 61% surveyed young people are actively engaged in volunteering, 17% of surveyed young people born outside of Ireland (roughly 6% above the general population). 38% of surveyed young people have at least one parent born outside of Ireland, 36% of surveyed students speak a language other than English in the home. 112 nationalities represented by surveyed students. Thank you to all our partner schools, youth groups and community groups for making the Volunteering For All programme such a success.

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